Production On the Ground 

The Gustavfoto Mobile Photo Production Trailer
This Trailer is available for rent in conjunction with Gustav Schmiege Photography productions.
With all the essential amenities and a flexible layout, the production trailer takes “going on-location” to the next level.
On-the-Go Convenience: The trailer, allows you to take our  photo shoots anywhere. Move effortlessly between locations without sacrificing essential comforts and equipment.
Spacious Interior: The interior of our production rig is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and functionality. It is modified to suit our productions, with a comfortable changing room, plenty of room for hair and makeup, and efficient workspace for pre/ post-production.
Amenities for a Seamless Production: The trailer is equipped with amenities that make production process seamless. From ample storage space for wardrobe to a reliable power supply, climate control, kitchenette, refrigerator, bathroom (with shower) and a comfortable seating area, we have everything we need to run a smoothly and efficiently.
Flexibility for Various Shoot Types: Whether we are capturing fashion, commercial, lifestyle, or editorial shoots, the trailer is a fantastic solution.
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On the Water 

The Gustavfoto // Rergattashots Photo Boat
Available for rent in conjunction with Gustav Schmiege Photography productions.
One the Water…In the water. We have you covered. Call for Rental Details

From the Air

From the Air // Part 107 License Drone Pilot

A photographers with drones is not the same as a drone opperator who likes taking pictures.

Our drive for aerial photography and videography motivates us to continuously improve our skills and stay current with the latest technology and techniques. When it comes to operating our drones, our responsibility as licensed and insured pilots is of utmost importance. We prioritize safety above all else, ensuring that we strictly follow all regulations and guidelines to fly our drones in a manner that is both safe and legal. Moreover, we understand the significance of respecting others’ privacy and property while flying our drones, and we always seek the necessary permissions before takeoff.