“Gus is The Man. By that I mean he is not only male, but super talented. And by that I mean he brings something special to each project. And by special I mean that he adds extra ingredients that you probably didn't include in your photographic order but which make the whole project taste better. And by better I mean that you will be ultra pleased. Or Gus will probably re-cook the whole thing over again until it's just right. And by right I mean really, really good. Gus=greatness!”

Reid Slaughter
Creative Director, Border Media

“Working with Gus is always a pleasure. His talent and passion for natural light is thrilling, his work ethic and professionalism unparalleled in the industry!”

Leigh Fredrickson
Senior Art Director, Neiman Marcus

Not only does Gus Schmiege produce consistently great work, he is a total joy to work with. He's professional, kind, and extraordinarily intuitive. (Plus, he brings great music!) I always look forward to a shoot with Gus, because it's so much fun--and because I know I'm going to get amazing pictures.

Julia Reed, author, Newsweek contributing editor, and creative director at Taigan.com.

“I’ve worked with a lot of photographers over the years and Gus is one of the most talented and easygoing professionals with whom I’ve had the pleasure to be on assignment. I use the word “professional” because he is every ounce of that—courteous and organized and diplomatic. Plus, his attention to detail and emphasis on great lighting is much appreciated.”

Denise Gee
Regional Editor, Meredith Corporation

“Gus Schmiege is our go-to photographer when we shoot Julia Reed’s food column for Southern Accents. He gets the light and angles right, he captures the food experience and makes it beautiful and tempting, and he is a joy to work with—easygoing yet always consumed by the photograph.”

Frances MacDougall
Former Executive Editor, Southern Accents Magazine

“Gus is one of the best food photographers I have every worked with. He is professional, patient and hard working. The success of our cookbooks was due in a large part to Gus and his photgraphy”

Cathy Dubé
Former Buyer, La Madeleine French Bakeries


“We've thrown several different kinds of assignments at Gustav over the years (portraits, still life, interior) and he has always exceeded our expectations. He's wonderful to work with and his photography is first rate. A great creative talent.”

Todd Johnson
Creative Director, D Magazine


“Gus really knows how to capture the shot. From landscape shots of scenic Texas ranchland to upclose, artistic shots, he can make things shine!”

Blake Hortenstine
Hortenstine Ranch Company, LLC

“Gus and I have worked together for 8 years. He has become not only one of my best friends but also one of my best photographers. I love the way Gus works because he makes everything so easy.  When I ask him about shooting a specific shot, he will do it even if I know it is going to be impossible.  Somehow he always comes up with something that will make the shot happen. He has a way of sharing his passion through his images”.

Dimitri Maramenides
Professional Kiteboarder, Owner of Epic Kites, Greek Trouble Maker

“Gus has provided excellent photography services for Pavestone for at least a decade, my direct relationship with him beginning in 2006. On every project, Gus has been a true member of our creative team, giving insight and direction for our photo shoots, delivering images on very rush deadlines, and always with the best of humor and dedication. He is the first person we call when a new assignment pops up, either long term or for the inevitable, "we need it today" situation. Creative, honest, dependable, and with an excellent work ethic, I would highly recommend Gus for any photography project.”

Jolynn Bennett
Director of Marketing at Pavestone

"The really cool thing about working with Gus, besides him being on top
of his profession, with a great eye and primo equipment, is the
Inspirational atmosphere he brings to the shoot.  Here is one of many
Gus stories: we are up in the mountains at 10,000 feet, the snow is
blowing, it is getting colder, and we have been shooting all day.  It is
just plain nasty out.  Gus will rally us with his special smile and
Attitude to keep on going to capture the special sunset, swirling snow,
Soft light, high energy, magical photo.  Sweetness.

Ken Lucas
Professional Skier and Snowkiter

“No matter the size of the assignment, Gustav shines. From landscapes to edgy editorial, traditional portraiture to product shots, he does it all, he does it on time, and he does it under budget”

Eric OKeefe
Editor ,the Land Report magazine

“Gus Schmiege came to Providenciales as a professional photographer.
He left the island with amazing shots of kite boarding
and the bonus that he found some new friends. It is very seldom
 to see so much professionalism pared with a wonderful human being.
Our doors are always open to Gus. He helped in many ways to increase
our business through the art of his photography.
Everyone that works with Gus can consider himself or herself lucky.
Gus, all the best for you!”

Mike Haas & Terri Tapper
KiteProvo.com ,Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI

“Gus never fails to deliver images that are engaging and make the subjects really stand out. The fact that he's an absolute pro and a pleasure to work with is the icing on the cake.”

Ryan Thrash, Owner @ Vertex Works




“Our company has shot ahead of schedule because of Gus.
 His creative talent is the greatest of assets to our corporate efforts.
Gifted. Dependable.  Honest.  Fast.  Conscientious.
 Professionalism Unparalleled.”
Jan Barboglio
The Jan Barboglio Collection

“Gus does work that is beyond compare. I've never seen anyone with such an eye for detail and the patience that it takes to get something exactly right. Whether it was a location shoot or a shoot in the studio, Gus always made the most of our time together and provided an end product that was spectacular. Take some time to view Gus's work - his expertise and creativity can't really be described with words.”

Kipper Overstreet
Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting,Former Owner Team Jeans

“There are few photographers in the World that are as organized and professional as Gus.  His talent behind the lens is magical, his images never cease to amaze nor his presentation of them”

Matt Taggart
Co-Founder Ozone Kites Ltd. Ragland, New Zealand

“In this day and age, we have many “Picture takers,” but few talented photographers. Gustav Schmiege stands high up on the list of great ones! He is not only talented in composition, lighting and overall visual impact; top that off with state of the art equipment know how to operate it…..now put a label on all of this and you have Gustav Schmiege. In my book Tops!”

Chuck DeHaan
Western Artist, Former State Artist of Texas.